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What is Chil-Pak® ?

Chil-Pak® is a manufacturer of fully integrated modular central plants that provides complete chilled water solutions to owners in a cost-effective manner. Chil-Pak® packaged central plants range in size from 100 tons to over 10,000 tons. As a leading provider of packaged central plants, Chil-Pak® offers a wide range of innovative, green cooling solutions to meet the high-density loads of data centers, hospitals, hotels, campuses, manufacturing facilities and other buildings. Chil-Paks's® modular design, system flexibility, and proven realiability provide owners with the perfect cooling solution for their facilities.

Not only does Chil-Pak® have ISO-9001:2015 certified production facilities, but Chil-Pak® also has a highly experienced design-engineering team can quickly assist in creating customized, application specific, engineered solutions that match the unique needs of your facility. Chil-Pak's® ability to provide energy-efficient, plug and play central plant systems has led to their equipment being installed in facilities throughout the world.

Central Plant Solution

The concept is simple. Bring all the variables associated with the engineering and construction of a typical central plant into an energy and space efficient cabinet, where all electrical, pumps, piping, controls, cooling tower and chillers be assembled and manufactured in a controlled environment...

Our Vision

Simply put the vision behind Chil-Pak® is to provide clients "Chilled Water without the Headaches." Chil-Pak® provide engineers, building owners, and contractors with a fully integrated packaged central plant in a simple cost effective 'plug and play' unit...

Our Leadership

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