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Case Studies

Cordis J&J Case Study

Cordis is a division of Johnson and Johnson, a company that is also expanding its manufacturing space in Juarez, Mexico. The J&J engineering team has chosen the new YMC2 magnetic levitation chillers with the advantage of its oil-less centrifugal compressor. The Cordic facility has a significant cooling load all year long including the winter months where an air-side economozier isn't practical due to cleanroom strict particle, temperature....

Core of Engineers Bulletin

Complete pre-engineered, factory-built chilled water plants are a proven alternative to traditional site-built facilities. Packaged chiller plants generally include factory-installed chillers, all chilled and condenser water pumps, controls, single-point electrical connection (transformers, MCCs, starters, air conditioning, emergency lighting, etc.). Also included is a seismic, wind, snow-designed enclosure, the cooling tower components (interconnecting piping, platform, ladders, etc.), and all related.....

CuisinArt Case Study

CuisinArt Golf Resort & Spa is located on the remote Caribbean Island of Anguilla. The resort consists of 93 luxurious guest rooms and suites with central cooling. The six luxury villas range from 900 to 7500 square feet and offer privacy while being only steps from the resort facilities. The resort has a unique hydroponic famr and organic gardens which provide fresh.....

GECU Case Study

The Government Employees Credit Union (GECU) is a unique and highly identifiable El Paso, Texas building. The 81,500 square foot facility was built at a cost of $21.5M and includes an automated hydronic heating and cooling system for the executive office space and internal data centers. As a bank operation headquarters the GECU facility serves as the financial center of.....

Lockheed Case Study

A Fortune 200 defense contractor occupies multiple buildings in what was a 1950s era Air Force base. Each building had its own (sometimes multiple) small central plant with chillers and towers ranging in age from 20 to 40 years. The chillers were not efficient and the maintenance team was constantly repairing or replacing compressors and other components. As part of the corporate strategy.....

Media Center Case Study

The luxurious Glendale Media Center was created with wraparound windows and outdoor rooftop platforms for backdrops of mountains, the nearby stadium, and it's neighboring Hockey League arena. There is more than 40,000 sq.ft. of space to accommodate hundreds of media types. The University of Phoenix Stadium is the centerpiece of the promotion focus that includes a media center with a unique cooling central plant. The Glendale Media Center packaged central plant......

Shreiber Case Study

Schreiber is a word-class dairy products manufacturing company. In 2015 this company decided to expand their business in Mexico building a cheese plant to supply the food industry in the region. Schreiber turns to Flutec LP, a design build HVAC company, seeking an alternative process cooling solution for their construction project in the city of Silao, Guanajuato Mexico. The project included a system that provides cooling for the low temp....