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Chil-Pak Design Assist Process


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The first step in The Chil-Pak® Design Assist Process™ is for the experienced Chil-Pak® design team to listen to the details of the client’s project and help them define the parameters, equipment requirements, and next steps. For example if the project is for a mission critical facility or data center we seek to understand what type of tier rating is desired and may seek information regarding redundancy configurations for piping. If the project is for a health care facility the Chil-Pak® team would work with the client to determine what impact seismic requirements may have on the modular chilled water plant. The goal of the first step in The Chil-Pak® Design Assist Process™ is to work with you the client to define the parameters and understand more fully what the facility requirements are, determine what level of system flexibility is needed on the project, and establish what redundancy requirements are needed.
The second step in The Chil-Pak® Design Assist Process™ is to provide the client with a rough order of magnitude budget and high level drawings. Because The Chil-Pak® Design Assist Process™ is a fluid system and not a rigid checklist, Chil-Pak® will work with the client to determine if a face to face meeting is needed to discuss the project and coordinate among the other groups. Chil-Pak® has found that many times these face to face meetings and/or strategic conference calls help address potential issues before they become problems. Or to put it another way, Chil-Pak® seeks to actively eliminate potential headaches before they occur.
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Once the project has been defined and a proposal has been made Chil-Pak® works with the client to make sure that all the unique needs of the facility are being addressed. Chil-Pak® provides the client with full submittal drawings and a clear manufacturing path, so that the project can move forward with confidence knowing that the agreed upon system requirements and deadlines will be met.
The fourth step in The Chil-Pak® Design Assist Process will implement the E.M.I stage (Engineering, Manufacturing, and Inspection). This phase of the process moves the functional design of the system into construction. During the manufacturing phase the Chi-Pak® team ensures the quality of the modular chilled water plant as they build it in an ISO 9001:2015 facility.
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The fifth step of the process provides the coordination for final delivery of the Chil-Pak® to the facility with the owner and contractor. It is during this step that Chil-Pak® initiates the necessary communication and/or training to the installing contractor to ensure a clean installation.
During the Start-Up and Commissioning phase Chil-Pak® assigns a technical team to work with the commissioning team and engineers to assure that all equipment is operating as designed. The Chil-Pak® team of technicians also provides necessary training to facility maintenance personnel to assure equipment is properly maintained for years of efficient service.
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