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National Account Program

The Chil-Pak Advantage

Chil-Pak® provides clients who have multiple mission critical facilities the opportunity to be a part of The Chil-Pak® National Account Program for Data Centers™. This program provides the client with unparalleled access to the Chil-Pak® mission critical design team who works with the client to create a strategic approach for the next facility to be built as well as future data center deployments.

Step 1: Define Needs

The first step is for the client to express their interest in being considered for The Chil-Pak® National Account Program for Data Centers™. Chil-Pak® will then help the client determine if there is a match between what Chil-Pak® can offer and what the client desires.

Step 2: Assesment

If there is a match between the needs of the client and the services of the The Chil-Pak® National Account Program for Data Centers™, the client will enter into an assessment stage with the Chil-Pak® team. During this step a specific needs analysis will be done to determine the specific requests of the client and how the Chil-Pak® team can serve them.

Step 3: Proposal and Long Term Agreement

Once it has been determined that there are specific ways in which Chil-Pak® can serve the client an official proposal is presented. This proposal outlines the terms between the client and Chil-Pak® and helps establish the parameters and expectations of the long term relationship.

Step 4: Product Development

The fourth step in The Chil-Pak® National Account Program™ is Chil-Pak’s® commitment to the client to continuously be developing application specific products. This consistent development gives the client the advantage of having the most appropriate systems applied to the unique needs of their data centers.