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Mark 1

Mark 1 Isometric
The Mark 1 ™ is the most cost effective catalogued line of packaged chilled water central plants.  This system brings energy efficient chilled water to the owner at the lowest installed cost available.  The Mark 1 ™ system is available in standardized sizes from 180-400 tons in capacity and implements a “variable primary flow” design.

The key features of this system are the multi-compressor chiller, single pumps for the condenser and chilled water, and a small footprint.  The Mark 1 ™ offers the option of having a cooling tower either installed on the same skid or remotely mounted.  There is also an active waterside economizing HX option for reducing annual energy consumption; highly recommended for low wet bulb climates.

The Mark 1 ™ design comes as a complete plug’n’play unit balancing low installed first cost and small footprint with limited redundancy all while maintaining the energy efficiency of a water cooled system.  Clients have enjoyed the benefits of choosing the Mark 1 ™ when value engineering or space are major decision factors.  This modular chilled water plant is ideal for retrofit additions where more chilled water is needed in an existing building, for low cost chilled water applications in small spaces, or as a backup system for non-mission critical facilities.  The Mark 1 ™ offers a fast, economical, compact, energy efficient chilled water solution.

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